Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some Days You Just Want to Stay in Bed

I spent part of last evening arguing with my husband over paranormal bullshit. He believes in Reiki and a higher consciousness and I believe in paying attention to the here and now and if there's anything else, then prove it to me. I believe in rationality, he feels I need to have my mind opened. Needless to say, it doesn't make for a good night's sleep when you go to bed pissed at the other person in bed.

So, I wake up tired and the alarm hasn't gone off because of a power outage; it's raining (mixed with snow) when I head to work; the office is freezing because we're in a makeshift room with only one small heater; and to top it all off, my sister sends an email basically trying to make me feel like a selfish over-spender for wanting to do a gift exchange among my siblings for Christmas.

Now, I'm a fairly economical person. I don't spend hundreds on designer boots when I can go to Zellers or Payless. I don't spend myself into credit debt over Christmas. The most I've ever done is skipped paying the hydro for that month so as to have a few extra dollars. I give to the food bank, to various community organizations (police, legion, etc.), and assorted other donations throughout the year. In the past, my usual purchases would include some major "toy", some clothes, boots/coat/mitts, and some smaller items and stocking stuffers for my kids as their Christmas gifts. However, my sister seems to feel that we should forgo Christmas in our own homes so that some less fortunate family can have a better Christmas. Not quite seeing the logic in that, myself. No Christmas here, so there can be Christmas there. Right!

Anyway, it irks me to no end to be criticized for my own opinions yet others feel they have the right to spout theirs on a daily basis just because my opinions most often contradict what may be popular opinion at the time. It's enough to make me want to go home and crawl into bed with a good book. Sometimes I think the hermits of the world have it right!



Gerald Wry said...

Poor, poor Doug. I certainly don't believe in every new age theory to come down the pike, but certainly don't believe that we (human beings) are a random sprouting from a pond of goo, a big bang or any other such crap. Devout, blind faith atheism makes about as much sense as devout, blind faith Christianity, Judaism, Islam, or any other cracker jack belief system.
You leave poor Doug alone. That man should be granted sainthood. (not sure which religion, probably a minor one.)

Karen said...

Gerald, there is no such thing as devout, blind faith atheism. I don't "believe" in atheism. I just am. I see no proof in god, Thor, Zeus or Isis. I don't "believe" in science either. I just respect it's explanations. Besides, what's wrong with sprouting from a pond of goo? Seriously, can you look around at some of the people you know and not believe we are decended from apes? I'll have to get you a mirror. HAHAHAHa.
Besides, if anyone should be granted special papal privileges for living with someone, I'd already be showing stigmata.