Thursday, October 9, 2008

Time Flies

Here we are moving quickly towards yet another holiday. While part of me is thrilled at the prospect of a long weekend, another part of me still bemoans the fading summer. Eek! How did it get to be October? I didn't do nearly enough pool-side lounging with good books or nearly enough getting outdoors just to soak up summer heat. Living in Canada, I figure we have to take advantage of every warm, sunny day to soak up enough memories of daylight and heat to make it through February. Oh well, autumn days can be amazing too. There are days when I feel very much like Calvin of "Calvin & Hobbes" fame. Calvin doesn't want to go to school on sunny days (too nice out), rainy days (should be in bed with a book) or snowy days (too much fun in the snow), so he feels a Judge should mandate school only during hazy humid days in August. I concur, with the addition that I'd be convinced to work the odd dreary day in January as well.

Even with work taking up too much of my spare time, I did manage to spend some quality time with my daughter last night. While she's 18, she does have moments of where her inner 10 year-old takes over her personality. So, after several years of doing nothing, last night we decorated the house for Hallowe'en at her request. She dug out the decorations, got sentimental over some created by her and her brother in Kindergarten, and listed the items I needed to purchase to complete the look (apparently the house won't be compete without some carved pumpkins and a monster sized spiderweb). We danced to Abba while hanging decorations and chatting about her college courses and friends. We even spent several minutes laughing over old photos looking for one in particular of a past Hallowe'en. Within a single year, time flies so fast it's hard to keep up. Within a lifetime, it flies even faster.

Looking at pictures of my daughter as a 2 year-old, I wanted to pick her up an smother her with kisses and hug her just to hear her laugh. I really miss that kid. I know she's the beautiful young woman sitting beside me, but there is something in my mind that can't quite bridge the time gap that brought us to this point. I was quite surprised by the feeling, to be honest. I can't quite reconcile myself to the fact that this time next year she'll be living in a dorm completing her 2nd year of university (or living with her boyfriend in an apartment) and my house will be mostly empty. My son, as a 20 year-old, is mostly living on his own, but still stocks his larder from my cupboards and frequents the supper table as well. To that end, I see him fairly frequently, I just don't have to yell at him to pick up his clothes and do the dishes.

When I'm feeling particularly introspective, I contemplate how my mother must have felt. That sort of thinking can have your mind running in circles, I tell you. Oh, well. Until another day.


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