Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New President

So, the fever is over and Obama is the new leader of the US. That's a relief. Not that I was worried. All indications were that McCain had lost this shortly after picking Palin as a running mate. Seriously, if you don't put more thought than that into choosing the other half of your platform, how much thought are you going to put into running a country?

One thing struck me, though. In interviews at various conventions around the states, Democrats were often hopeful, cheerful and generally concerned for the welfare of their rights and their country. Republicans, on the other hand, were more concerned with the fact that the leader of the other party was black, a Muslim, a terrorist and often shouted things like "hang him" or "socialist" to Democratic demonstrators at their rallies. Sad, really.

But then again, I couldn't really see past Palin's religious fundamentalism to even wonder if they had a sound platform. Of course, she actually is a fundamentalist as opposed to Obama's imagined terrorism activities.

So, I imagine we'll have a couple of weeks of election post-mortem and then perhaps things will be back to normal.


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