Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Time Flies When You're Working

I can't believe I haven't posted since November. Actually, I haven't even read other blogs since then either. How has time slipped past so quickly? When last I wrote, I was looking forward to winter: snow, skating, sliding, snow, Christmas, snow, house parties. The only thing that really happened was the snow. And quite a bit of it.

Here it is the first of April, and we're on the downside of winter. In another couple of weeks, much of the snow will be gone and I'll be thinking of my flower beds and hoping to see some greenery, and looking forward to sailing.

I'm not a workaholic, that's for sure. I do my job, (well, I hope) and look forward to my free time. Once Christmas was over, though, it was work, work, work and more work. In the 6 weeks following Christmas, I only had 2 days off. The past month has been a somewhat normal work schedule, but I now it's looking like I should be heading back to 60 hour weeks in order to get caught up again.

The trouble is, I enjoy my free time. I have so much I want to do, and never enough time to do it all. I should be practicing guitar and piano; I have lines to learn for my next play; there are several books I want to read; I have a painting started that I'd like to think about completing before the year ends; seat covers for the sail boat to sew; contract drafting to finish up; the list is never ending, really. Add in the fact that I should be exercising and I enjoy watching movies, and I don't really have time to work. I can't seem to get hubby to pay for my indolent lifestyle, and I have to squeeze some housework into that schedule too.

I look forward to retiring and only doing those things I want to do. Too bad the hedonistic lifestyle doesn't pay so well. Our "sailing retirees" lifestyle has to happen before we're too old to pull up anchor, so I guess I'll keep working (maybe saving?) until such time as I can afford to live winters anchored in the Caribbean and summers anchored in Canada, preferably around age 55. However, if someone wants to fund it, I'd gladly retire earlier.

Have I mentioned before that I'd like to win the lottery?



Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

While I certainly respect your humanistic atheism, how far does that go? Only till you perish. I have a solution not many people even think about - in fact, with my head injury, I'm more-than-likely the first. If you think this life ends at death's hour, can I turn-you-on to believe in sex in Heaven?? In the Exclusive Landscape Upstairs, like the NYC El but muuuch better, outside the stanky litter box of earth, a Beyond-Wonderfully-Delicious-Panorama of guys or girls await you for eternity. So, here’s my peAce de resistance: doesn’t matter whether you believe or not, brudda, you’re still gonna croak in our lifelong demise; then, while our mortal bodies are recycled in the grave to make fertilizer, our indelible soul rises-up to be judged at the General Judgment. Here’s the point I want you to consider BEFORE leaving this world: sex in Heaven. If nuthin else, that alone should persuade you to get baptized-and-believe. Why not? Can’t God provide everything? Thot so. The Trinity’s just as happy you made it to the realm where the sun is ever present rather than shadows at night. Lookit, if God provides everything else, why not passionate, intimate love make’n interspersed withe length of eternity?

See, God knew the ol El Diablo would lie-like-a-rug and trick U.S. into believing sex wouldn’t ever be possible in Heaven, so why not get a buncha ho’s and condemn yourself? Lookit Eminem. You think Upstairs, we have to be staunch, hardcore blox with no feelings whatsoever; we have to sit at church and be good religious zealot with our hands in prayer 24/7 …?? 101% WRONG. If you yourself have the desire when you walk through the Pearly Gates, anything and everything and MORE is possible in the Great Beyond. I know. I’m head injured. I left this world in October ‘85. So dream BIG, America. God loves that. God loves for U.S. to ‘pull Him outta the sky’ and fantasize about where we’re going. God can and will provide if we have a seed of faith.

Type-out on your browser ‘Pascal’s wager’ …and you’ll soon realize this lifelong demise is merely the very tip-of-the-iceberg for the TWO eternities. God bless you with discernment.

Dr. Kold_Kadavr_flatliner, M.D. said...

HooRayGun! Glad you kept it, girl. One more point on our lifelong demise --- HEAR YE! O HEAR YE!! Wanna be at my BIG-ol, kick-ass, party-hardy celebrating our resurrection for maaany eons in Heaven? A profusion of peace, eternal plethora of paradise, palm trees, 72ish degrees, fuzzy navels, pink, picturesque-portions-we-possess, without price, nor passwords, nor plastic? You’re more than welcome; you’re most invited --- God only gives bawls to those who see the need for humility.